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massages for couples experience in buenos aires

massages for couples experience in buenos aires


Would you like to learn massage techniques for couples and be able to treat your partner with a relaxing massage or even better with a facial?
Massages for couples a unique learning experience in palermo buenos aires city by Pablo coach

  • Description

    Product Description

    Hello, I am Pablo and I offer you this experience!

    You will receive massages, massage, but the most important thing is that I will teach you various basic techniques of drainage, skin cleaning and the knowledge of different natural and active preparations to be able to care for, mimic and gift your partner or friends.

    What will you learn?
    Drenage and circulatory massages in legs and buttocks.
    Soft manoeuvres to relax the lumbar and cervical area together with the back and shoulders.
    How to care for each other’s face skin at home through facial cleaning, polishing and the correct application of creams and active substances to moisturize, nourish and oxygenize the skin of the face and neck.
    How to act in case of cracks and/or granites.
    How to remove black spots and bars at home without hurting yourself and how to identify those comedones or impurities that can be removed at home and those that require professional extraction.

    Is it a course?
    No. This is not a course, nor is it a training. It is an EXPERIENCE by which you will learn skills to give rest, affection and well-being to your partner, family or friends.
    Ideal for your daily life, anniversaries, celebrations and, in general, at any time you want to get closer to your partner, friends or friends. I have 15 years of experience as a teacher and teacher of cosmetology and more than 100 talks and workshops dictated in Argentina and Latin America.

    Is it for contractures or pinzings?
    No. It is not formulated for this purpose, so we always recommend consulting with a medical professional. Our proposal is a sensory and relaxing experience that has no therapeutic purposes.

    Taking care of each other, giving each other massages, taking care of the skin is a beautiful gesture of unity and love between people!
    Now you will have the skills to perform it in the right way!

    Important: Spanish language, if you are a foreigner do not worry because learning is visual and manual, it is spoken little and it is a lot!

    The teams:
    We will provide you with the necessary supplies:
    • Massage beds
    • Pasta of almonds to learn body exfoliation.
    Marine algae to learn facial exfoliation.
    Oil of coco
    Jackets, towels and discardable clothes.
    You only have to bring your desire to learn and your positive energy with you!

    We will start with a brief presentation, the objectives and what is the motivation of each. We will discover a new way of feeling our hands and connecting them to the rest of the body. We will practice the two basic and main postures that will help us move around the massage camilla and how to fit them into a chair or bed to do at home.

    We will divide into two, the one that will massage and the one who will receive the massage, which will fall on the camilla prepared for it. Slowly and always guided by me, you will do a relaxing massage to the person who has fallen down, this will take us about 30 minutes. At the end and after a small break to take a tea or coffee, the papers will be turned (the one who gave the massage will now tumble and the one who received it will now be the massager) and we will proceed to do a relaxing massage again. Upon completion we will do the same scheme for the face part, which will last approximately 40 minutes. At the end we will share the experience and talk about the doubts or inquiries.

    Total duration 2 and a half hours.

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