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This day spa circuit in Palermo has it all! Cleaning blackheads and pimples or you can also opt for our delicious enzymatic peeling with ingredients that perfect the complexion, necessary hydration, protection of the skin’s barrier function and revitalizing and anti-ageing compounds that fundamentally improve the appearance of the skin matrix. Long and short chain hyaluronic molecules are infused with powerful antioxidants and ingredients that help repair damaged skin and promote cell regeneration, enlarged pores and texture.

Therapist who performs the circuit: PABLO inquiries to Whatsapp +54 9 1135161318

Exclusive spa circuit for women.

Steps and Zones:

1- Deep facial cleansing with extraction of blackheads, pimples and impurities, facial radiofrequency and later fresh and natural active ingredients are applied to hydrate, nourish and oxygenate the tissues of the face and neck or you can opt for enzymatic peeling – Non-Chemical – to remove the dead cells on the outer layer of the foot.

2- Corporal dermopulido, as can be seen in the video, we work with a team from the Spanish firm SORISA with which the dermopulido is performed, the areas included are legs, buttocks and back, in the arm area they are polished manually by its shape and a hydro-nutritional asset is applied, just like the abdomen, given that due to its epithelial composition, polishing with a machine is not recommended.

3 – Cellulite and Liquid Retention: Face down on the buttocks and the back area of ​​the legs, radiofrequency is applied for 25 minutes and once finished, the areas are worked with combined maneuvers of manual lymphatic drainage and circulatory massages for 25 minutes in the area of legs and buttocks (posterior) face down.

As it is a cosmetic and (non-medical) treatment, it is not effective on spots, marks or scars and extractions of sebaceous cysts or millium cysts (fatty balls under the tissue) are not performed – in both cases we always recommend that this be seen with dermatologist doctor!

The circuit is reserved by whatsapp + 54 9 1135161318

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